I have experience teaching a variety of undergraduate courses in American politics, political theory, and comparative politics. I also was a Graduate Student Instructor for an upper-division writing-intensive course for senior statistics majors. Contact me for evaluations and materials from my undergraduate courses.

At Northwestern, I developed and led a summer program, Computing Essentials for Social Scientists, with my colleague Jon Atwell. This program focused on exposing social science PhD students to some of the “tacit knowledge” we have acquired that is necessary to be effective computational social scientists. Our program was unique in its emphasis on knowledge about the broader landscape of computation and good practices for organized programming. See more about CESS at its website

Undergraduate teaching experience as graduate student instructor at Michigan:

  • Statistics 485, Senior Writing Seminar, Winter 2017
  • Political Science 140, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Fall 2016
  • Political Science 101, Introduction to Political Theory, Winter 2013
  • Political Science 300, Contemporary Issues in American Politics, Fall 2012